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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 14, 2022
In Wellness Forum
After interviewing and communicating with relevant decision makers of X Company and further understanding of its desktop application, you realize that their iPhone application needs to meet the following requirements: Helps users access whatsapp Database all the information in the content library. Provide a mechanism for users to discover new content quickly and efficiently. Users can share content with friends. Users can comment on content. Users can publish content they have created or photographed on their iPhone and share it with all users through the content library. These requirements have been confirmed by the relevant teams whatsapp Database and decision-makers of Company X. Although many features of its desktop application are not reflected in this list, according to the actual needs of users in the context of mobile applications, these functions are sufficient for now. With the product requirements clearly defined, we can conceive of how the workflow should be organized. In this regard, it is best to spend whatsapp Database time and thought on digging and defining the workflow from the detail level, so that the interaction model created next can maximize its potential and value. This list of requirements can help us see the essence of this application. Among them, most of the requirements are directly related to the content, and auxiliary functions such as sharing and commenting are also based on the content. So we can whatsapp Database conclude that content is the core of the app in terms of functionality and user experience. When you communicate with customers, you will also foresee some key issues that will be faced in the follow-up work. For example, we can learn that, for this application, which is centered on content retrieval and browsing, most of the interactive behaviors made by users are navigation operations in the hierarchical information structure in order to obtain content. To embody this in the whatsapp Database document, we have two options. One is to accurately reflect the hierarchical structure involved in browsing and navigating content in the document; the other is to simplify this aspect of the workflow into a single node in the document. Let's look at the difference between whatsapp Database these two methods through a flowchart. Comparison of information structures before and after the flow chart is simplified This brings us to a question worth pondering.
The Interaction Model Created whatsapp Database content media
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Mim Chowdhury

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